Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is it the weekend yet??!! and Currently

Hey friends! Whew...we started back last week and it's been a whirlwind so far. First grade as a whole has a very challenging group this year, but I feel like my class needs the most help. I've got some tough cookies this year and we are taking a bit longer getting routines and rules down, but I think we'll get there!
I wanted to share with your real quick my currently...
LISTENING--sometimes it's nice to just be on the computer when I get home and not turn on anything else. It's nice to unwind after a chaotic day! :)

LOVING-the first few weeks of school are a killer, that I really look forward to those weekends..I'm glad we're almost there!

THINKING--As soon as the hubby gets home, I'm making spaghetti...I'm starving

WANTING--I know it's a little personal, but I feel like you are my virtual family, so I like sharing..but if you'd been following, you know we started trying to conceive. No good news yet, but I'm hoping and have my fingers and toes crossed!

NEEDING--last weekend, we went to Nashville and the weekend  before that, school was starting so I am looking forward to not doing anything this weekend except catching up on relaxing and sleep!

3 TRIPS--I've always wanted to go to vegas..I'm not a gambler, (and would prob lose all my money) but I would love to see all the shops and hotels
I have always wanted to visit paris, we talked about going for our honeymoon, but that was a 7 grand trip we just did not day hopefully!
I am big into history and love beautiful southern homes, I would love to plan a trip to new orleans in the future!

That's all for now! Have a great night! :) Don't forget to link up your currently!


  1. Aren't these first weeks killer! I swear I would go to bed around 4:30 if I could!

  2. I agree! The weekends are vital for re-charging!