Saturday, August 2, 2014

Currently August...What?!!

Hey sweet friends! I cannot believe it's August!! Where the heck did the summer go? For me, this summer seemed to go particularly fast. I had a lot going on at the beginning with buying a house and trying to find a new job closer to home. Then at the beginning of July, I did get a new job! And there was a lot that needed to get done so I can be prepped for the district. Now I'm coming up on trainings next week and in 2 weeks, my summer is basically over :(     (ugh!)
 So here is my currently and what else I'm up to...
listening-my husband hurt his elbow at work the other day and was in a lot of pain last night :( I figured I'd wake up early and take the dog out and stay quiet so he can get some extra sleep....poor guy!

loving-I get so excited for the TPT sales and always end up spending way too much! ;)

thinking- the one thing I am on the hunt for is some great first grade literacy centers that are consistent for each month of the year...if you know of any good ones..please let me know!!

wanting- I've been on the organizational kick since I was able to get into my classroom this week. I moved schools so I started this week with just seeing what was in the new classroom. Boy it was a lot of junk and I ended up throwing out 4 full trash bags! But it is coming along and next week I should be able to start moving the desks and really get set up

needing- my friend is coming tonight for dinner and I need to spruce up my house..I've been lacking in that department! ;)

Here is a sneak peak of the wall that will be behind my teacher desk in my room...I am going with a bee theme and it is not quite done yet (still need to put the kids' names and banner) but I'm excited for it!

That's all I've got for now! I'm off to start the day! Have a great weekend!! Head over to link up your blog!!


  1. A new house and a new job...that can be stressful! I'm giving my classroom a facelift this year and I did lots of purging too. I'll be getting in there this week to set up. Your bee theme is starting to look adorable! Best of luck this year!

  2. Hey Sarah! You have a super cute blog! I love that you teach first grade, I taught it for two years, loved it, and hope that will be my end spot one day! Also, I have my cart ready for the TPT sale too! Just hoping that my wallet can hold out!


  3. Hey Sarah! I'm Sarah too! Isn't that so crazy how you feel connected to someone because they have the same name?! Anyhoo - have fun in your new room. When I moved into my Kinder classroom eons ago. I threw out a FULL dumpster....not one of those little ones either. Word was one of the teachers before me was a hoarder and dumpster diver (it showed)! I actually found stuff in the closets dated...wait for it...19 - fifty- four!!!!!!!!! (That was 2008) Crazy! My tpt cart is getting full too! Good luck on finding what you are looking for!
    FCS and Then Some