Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014-15

Hey friends! I'm stopping by bloggy world to share with you some pics I snapped yesterday while setting up the classroom. It's been very rainy here and the only way to unload my car (without asking the janitors for a cart to wheel to the back of the school each time) is to drive my car over the grass to the back...don't worry, I asked and it was ok...so long story, I've had my car loaded with things, but haven't been able to drive over the grass because I don't want to make tire marks. So yesterday, I just brought in a box with decorations and figured I'd do some of that until I could unload the big stuff. Here we go...
calendar wall

computer center with character traits along wall

student cubbies and soon to be word wall :)

my teacher desk and student work bb

view from door

front of the classroom

our little job bb

the listening center...I need to grab some books from the library

our carpet area..I didn't want to cover the windows and get as much natural light in as possible!

guided reading desk with bags ready to go on student's desk for open house

Some areas of the room, my bee theme really comes out and I love that, but I wish we could hang things from the lights...every school I've been in so far has not allowed that, and I am so jealous of you who can!

One of the teachers on my team said if I didn't want a teacher desk and guided reading table, I could get rid of the teacher desk..but I actually like having both. I want to be able to organize my things in a desk rather than keep on bookshelves near the reading table. ;)

As you can see, I organized the desks into 5 groups. I like have table groups..it provides that sense of community (Even though sometimes, it also allows for more chattiness!)

There are just a few more things on the agenda and then the room will be perfect. We don't officially start until the 25th and open house isn't until next week..the 20th, but I definitely didn't want to be scrambling at the last minute! :)

Enjoy your day friends, I'm off to relax!

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