Friday, July 18, 2014

Walmart Finds!

Hi friends! 
I am blogging at midnight at my parents house..yes, I've actually stayed up late a few nights this summer and I love that I got to hang out with my family this week. I have one more day and then I'll be driving back to NC. I'm ready to see the hubby again and get back into our routine (and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!)
I've read a lot about the great finds you are snatching up for back to school and I headed over to Walmart today because I know they never's what I got...
3 different Bingo games that will be great to play in small group..or centers
some more games focusing on literacy skills
and I could not pass up these colorful excited to write notes and lessons plans with these bad boys!
Tomorrow I have a jam-packed day with meeting a friend for breakfast at Panera (one of the best places ever!) and then 2 back to back grad parties, then finishing up the day with some quality time at the in-laws!

Have a great weekend friends! I'll be back with more next week! :)

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