Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh Sweet Cupcakes!

Hey friends!
I am back home and I have to say...I have the best husband ever..when I got in the house, I noticed how fresh smelling and clean everything looked. Even my pup was bathed and clean! The hubby had worked a little bit every night while I was gone to do a number on the house! :) I was so shocked and happy! 

So yesterday, we had a gloomy day all day and I thought it would be a good day to cook and bake. I made my mother-in-law's potato salad. (side note: she did not have an actual recipe, just what it used and I was nervous on the proportions, but it came out great!) and I also made some peach cupcakes! (click on the pic for a copy of the recipe!)

Today, I plan on tackling our spare bedroom and organizing my teacher stuff. I hope to be able to get into my new classroom in the coming weeks. School starts Aug. 25th and our open house is Aug. 20th. It's almost crunch time and I hope I can get everything set up before then. I'm going to try and have the hubby take a half day of work to come help me, but for the most part..it'll just be me doin' all the work. :/

Ok...I'm off. Have a great Tuesday! :)

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