Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday Reading Posters Freebie

Hey Friends! How are you? I am loving the quiet of the house today and getting some school stuff done. :) I haven't heard any news from the school I had an interview for, however there have been a few more openings in schools around my area and a first grade opening at a school in my neighborhood!! So cross your fingers for me will you?! ;) Thanks!

Anyway, I am linking up with Hope at Second Grade Shenanigans and sharing with you a great post (and freebie!) from a while back. I used these mini posters in my reading area this year and loved them. :)

Hey guys, as I am busy setting up my new classroom, I just wanted to quickly post and share with you my mini I can reading posters I plan on hanging by our class library. Click on the pic for a free copy!


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