Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gloomy, Rainy Day

Hey friends! Well I am enjoying this first lazy weekend of Christmas break. Friday ended with a bang. Our Christmas party was a success, but I always feel bad because my room is so little and once you get parents in, there is absolutely no space to move. :( I am grateful that I do have wonderful parents though, and a jam packed classroom, is better than an empty one. :)
So today, it's been rainy, yet I braved the gloom to do last minute shopping. I am offically done for the year. :) My husband wants a cell phone charging dock so I got him that, but I wanted to do a little something more (since it's our first Christmas as a married couple) And I saw the year of dates gift ideas all over the internet. Well I thought, what a great year to do that since we'll have our first full year married this coming year, and it will be so cute to go on unique dates each month. Here's a pick of all the bags and I put them in one big bag to give to him...

I hope he likes them! Most bags have a little something to go with the date, but the ones on the bottom are just the date card. 
Well I'm off to catch up on some blogs and then  make dinner, I'm thinking it's a chicken noodle soup night. ;) Have a good Sunday night, relaxing, knowing we don't have school tomorrow!!

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