Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Week and a Letter Freebie!

Hello Friends!Yay for Saturday! I had one of the worst weeks ever! :( I think the kids are anxious for a little break next week and they know Santa is coming, and it's just been a little crazy in class lately. But, we did manage to do some fun things this week...
1) We have been using Deanna Jump's math workstations and the kiddos love it..this week we played a match it shape game
2) in math, we have been learning about greater than, less than. To make it more hands on, I called out numbers and they had to show me with their sticks and cubes the answer. They loved this and were engaged the whole time :) (love those moments)
3) We read There was an Old lady who swallowed a pie and then they illustrated what they would want the old lady to swallow
4) We have been practicing for our Thanksgiving performance on Tuesday and one thing we're going to perform is a play, so they got to illustrate the pages in partners
5) We also read One is a Feast for Mouse and they had to sequence the food the mouse ate..this was tough for some!
6) Here is my recent school pic for this year! haha. 

So my low reading group is still struggling with letters and I made this letter game to play with them for next month. It has just one of each letter and 3 "go again" cards. The game will be a quick game, but I think they will like it and it allows me to play multiple rounds with them. If you'd like to grab it, head over to my TPT store. It's FREE! :)

Ok, long post...I apologize! I'm off to finish our wedding albums for our parents' Christmas presents and then to get ready for the Florida Georgia Line concert in Greensboro! So excited! Have a great Saturday!


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