Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Letter Match Freebie!

It's crazy to see lots of people going back to school already this week. I haven't gone back any earlier than August 22nd. This year, we start on the 26th since it's a new school. 
Even though school is a couple weeks away, I've been organizing like a crazy person and trying to get things together so I can load everything in my car and be ready when we can enter the building. I've also  been starting to create mini activities to do with the kids the first week. Today, I thought I'd share one with ya..it's chicka letter matching. I plan on reading the book and then having the kids match the letters in a pocket chart. Click on the pic for a copy!

I also wanted to gush a little about my sweet soon to be mom-in-law. I was talking to her on the phone the other day about how my kinders don't have desks and will need to store their materials in a chair pocket, but how expensive they are. She decided to make me 24 chair pockets herself!! I am so grateful and they came in the mail yesterday!

Alright, it's back to work I go! I've actually made a list of things I need to make and things I need to print out...have you done that? I feel like without one, I'd be even more overwhelmed!

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