Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do you do Reading Street?

Hey friends! I hope those of you that went back to school this week had a great week...tomorrow is Friday! Whoo hoo! I did kinder screening yesterday and today. It went well...the kiddos were pretty nervous, but most were talkative and very smart! :)
So I was wondering, do any of you do Scott Foresman's Reading Street? We are implementing it this year and it seems like it could be a great program. Everything is basically laid out for you.
I started looking over the components and see that we have amazing words which are similar to vocab and then sight words. I'll add more to the list, because they don't do a whole lot, but it's a good starting block. So I think the program offers the word cards, but I like to cutesify everything up so I made my own. :) Both the sight words and amazing words are available at my TPT store! :) Okie doke, have a great day tomororrow..I'm off to workout!


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