Thursday, July 11, 2013

Math Playdoh Numbers

Hey sweet friends!
Well we have ANOTHER rainy day here in North Carolina...yeesh! I am getting pretty sick of this.
Today I'm making a quick post to share with you my numbers I created last night (when it was storming of course! lol)
We're going to math stations next year as part of our math curriculum and I wanted one of them to involve playdoh because I've seen so many cute ideas with it and let's face it, what kinder doesn't love playdoh! So here are some mats that they have to create the number and show it using balls or cubes, whatever they want. I plan on printing them on colored construction paper and laminating. :)  Best of all, I made them FREE for you! I hope you like them (tell me if you do!) Click on the pic to go to my store and grab them! ;) Hope you have a sunnier day than me!

1 comment:

  1. Your kids will love it! I think play-doh's always a winner:)