Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

Hey! Happy Friday! Whoo hoo..(but then again, isn't every day like Friday in the summer! ;) )
I'm typing this out on my parents computer and I hate that I keep making mistakes, and having to retype and get the hang of their laptop. (yea, we're visiting for the weekend and of course I forget my laptop at home)
So it's Friday, and that means another one of Cara's awesome linky parties! Here we go!
My favorite School Pins...
I love these back to school bags! Everything put together so neatly. :)
I love this idea for back to school-meet the teacher night! How fun would it be for the little kinders to walk in and see all the balloons! Aww I love! :)
I love this little set up for a writing center.
This is so great and such a cool pin to remember I have. I won't have an assistant in the new school and last year, she was always the one to help me out with setting up calls to parents if I had the class, so really I didn't make that many phone a lot of my parents were Hispanic and were uncomfortable with even talking on the phone.
My Favorite Random Pins...
I love nail polish and am meticulous about the colors (I just changed mine twice tonight! lol) I also love O.P.I. Expensive, but such a great brand!
This didn't have a real link to it besides the pic, but it's pretty self to tie a scarf top! I love this and might have to do something like this for our honeymoon! ;)
The link wasn't working for this picture, but getting married in a few months, we've also had babies on our minds too and I am loving the cute kid stuff I'm seeing! How cute to take a pic like this with our first little one!
Ok guys, that's all for me tonight! I can't wait to see what you pinned! Head over and link up! :)

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  1. Love the idea of those back to school bags - anything to keep me organized!

    Love to Learn