Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

Hey sweet friends! It's friday and you know what that means...
As of right now, Cara doesn't have her post up for this friday, but if you want, you can scroll down and link up for last friday!
Here we go!
School Pins
I love how different these birthday bags are! They include supplies to make a science experiement

Great idea! Kids are always losing stuff

I think I'm totally going to do this, this year...with bigger bubble bottles :)

I just bought that cart at walmart a few days ago..('s the cheapest there than I've seen anywhere!)

Random Pins

I've been getting into using natural remedies and essential oils..I love this idea!

Ways to make your house smell better :)

 I love this idea and will have to share with our photographer..our wedding party is very goofy so I know this would come out cute!

Well that's all for today..yesterday I moved a ton of boxes into our living room...we move out tomorrow yay! Needless to say though, our apartment is a M.E.S.S and I don't like it. Be sure to check back tomorrow...I have a freebie ;)


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