Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ahh the Lazy Days of Summer :)

Hey guys! How are ya?! I'm so happy to be on break! Yesterday I wanted to get to the pool (it's been in the low 90's here!) but I ended up cleaning the apartment, starting to pack for our move in July and grocery shopped. Today I just have to get my OH license switched over to NC.. (yes, I've been here just about a year and haven't done that yet..shh!) And THEN I'm definitely going to the pool...and I've got new books on my Kindle! ;)
First, I wanted to link up with The Applicious teacher <---cute name! and share my ideas for my classroom theme next year! :)
 photo Slide1_zps0f4262e5.jpg

As many of you know who have been reading my posts, I am going to do a candy theme and I am soo excited! I don't have any pics of the room yet because the school is still being built! :) So I'll share what I'd like to do (thanks pinterest!)
bulletin board..changed to in Kindergarten!
gotta get some containers to hold supplies :)
of course I'll be buying some candy land pencils!
banner put together with tissue paper and paper plates
LOVE everything about this!
for whole class management!

Ok I think that's good for now..I don't want to bombard you! lol If anyone else is doing a candy theme, I'd love to see what you've got! :) Have a SWEET day my friends!


  1. They have Candy Land band-aids in the Target dollar spot right now and several other Candy Land themed goodies! :)

  2. I saw an adorable Candy Land bulletin board set at!


  3. I've never seen a candy themed room before, but I think it is so fun! Bright and colorful and easy to find things that match! I love the jars for supplies (but I totally seeing my kids just grabbing out handfuls! LOL!) Thanks for linking up! (Ps- I LOVE my blog's name too! :))

    The Applicious Teacher

  4. My current plans are to do a Mermaid Room and I'm about 90% committed, but 10% of me wants to do a sweets theme. I think your door should say, "Welcome to Mrs. ________'s Candyland and have little lollipop's with the kids names on them! Sooo cute!

    You could do a cute gift the first day of school tied to a sucker (the kind the banks give out) that says, "We're going to have a sweet year!" or "I predict this year will be SWEET!"