Tuesday, April 30, 2013

State Testing!!

uuggghhhh!!! It's that time of year. Our district tests. We had a meeting after school today about how to administer them and then they FINALLY gave us the tests to see what we have to cram down the kiddies throats for review to test. I wanted to cry...the way they have some of them worded, our little ones are totally going to be so confused and frustrated. And they're only 7! Ugh, are we asking too much with the common core?
We also start our last round of reading tests next week. We do MClass at my school and a couple other districts in NC from what I'm aware of, and it's a new program that still doesn't have all the kinks out yet. The writing portion is very hard for the kids and I think the majority of it is just not fair, nor gives an accurate description of the child's true reading level. 
Is it Friday yet?? Thankfully, this weekend is my future husband's 27th birthday and we are going to the Atlanta aquarium. I will need the R+R just as much as him!

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  1. I always hated giving those tests. I am blessed to work at a charter school now. We have gone with an alternative that gives us a ton more data and is not as stressful on the kids.

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math