Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exhausting Day....

Hi friends! I am so glad we are halfway through the week. My sweet kiddos did wonderfully at the science center yesterday, but were all crazy and back to their normal selves today. :/ I am trying to pull out all of the stops, but I truly think they are done for the year...and we still have 34 more days to go! ugh!! I just about exploded in math today because we were doing word problems which they need a ton of practice with because they cannot identify key words, and most of the lesson was spent with me yelling at them to stop talking and about 75% of the class off task. I tried to keep it engaging and interesting too, but they were just not having it. (sigh) let's hope tomorrow can be better because this is just one tired, cranky teacher. :(


  1. My 5th graders have been the same way... and we still have content to learn and the EOG to prepare for!!! I hope tomorrow goes better!

    Miss R's Room

  2. I hate days like that ~ we all have them. My kids have caught Spring fever too:( I went to back to our beginning of year, reciting the rules daily. I use the Whole Brain Teaching rules. They learned them so well we didn't even need to use the scoreboard after November, but I pulled it back out and we are back to normal. Good luck, wishing you happy, peaceful days.
    First Grade Carousel

  3. I hear you on this! By the end of the day, I must look like a tired, hot mess. Hair pulled in every direction! :) We have 39 more days and we have those blank stares of "I've never heard you say that before." So frustrating! Hoping you have a better day tomorrow and that something gives so the end of the year is enjoyable. :)

    It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten