Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some spring freebies!

Hello everyone! I have a few things to share with you tonight and am going to try to make this a quick post because unfortunately, I think I may be getting sick....yes, right before spring break starts on friday! my throat's a little funny and we've had something going around for the past few weeks, so I'm gonna try to get to bed and drink some hot tea.

Anyway, I just finished these tonight. Tomorrow is our easter egg hunt and party and I totally was going to make homemade rice krispie treats, but time just got away from me, so I bought them and spruced them up then put them in baggies with a topper. (and you can grab yours below!)

On Monday, we did a couple more time things and I whipped up this mad minute paper to do. They weren't behaving well for the bubble gum part, so I pushed it to yesterday and they were very good all day. :) We did the bubble blowing and they loved being able to chew gum...I even let them chew it an extra few minutes before we had to all spit it out! haha Grab a copy if you'd like to do mad minutes in your room!
 I am so ready to get a week off! I leave on Saturday morning to go back to cleveland. (not looking forward to the colder temps though!) I got a rental car so as not to put so many miles on my car (and it needs the ball joints fixed so I don't even think it would make the trip) So I'm anxious to see what they give me. :) Ok, that's all...I have some GREAT news to share with you, but I'll leave it until tomorrow! ;) Have a good night!

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