Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for friday #3!

Hey everyone! I have a lot to share and not a lot of time. We're getting ready to go to Greenville, SC. :) One of my favorite places. As you know, my little sister has been in town this week and I cannot believe she's going back on Sunday already! Ahh! noo :( Well let's get to it! Here's my friday edition with Doodlebugs Teaching!
#1) shapes!
We worked with shapes this week and constructing new shapes from other shapes. They came up with some shape pictures and then had to graph what shapes they used. They came out really cute! :)

2) Butterflies...
We are getting our classroom spring ready! :) In writing this week, we've been learning about frogs and butterflies and their life cycles, then we made butterflies. 

3) Graphing with goldfish..
We had a spillover of Dr. Seuss stuff on Monday. I wanted to squeeze in 1 fish 2 fish and we did a graphing activity with colored goldfish. They loved it! (I need to have every lesson contain food)

4) Messy desks!
So we had a work day last Friday and our assistants cleaned out their desks. Mind you, I DID have the kids take on this responsibility, just a few weeks ago, but they were a disaster again and we didn't have time to do it over. (ugh) So anyways, these are all the books they had stuffed in their desks from our classroom library, (and there's more out of the picture) I was so mad and we showed them this picture on the smart board during morning meeting this week and talked about why we can never find anything in our desks. (the new routine is not book baskets that are put near each group and they can take books to read from them, but they must go back in the basket when they are done)

#5) Student Led Conferences
 So last night was a very late night for the first grade team. We had student led conferences form 5-7. As part of the school's improvement plan each grade level had to pick a topic of PD and follow up with presenting it to the school. We picked conferences and they went really well! We modeled a ton beforehand and made these cute folders to put their work they selected in. Then they talked about each piece to their family. I love it and with extra planning next year, would like to do it in the beginning and end of the year so both students and families can see the growth.  (PS. the lovely covers are from What the Teacher Wants)

Whew, ok this post was done in record time! Now on to pack up the car and hit the road! Have a great Friday night! :)


  1. I loved your organizational tip for books in the desks! :) Ugh! I have seat sacks...but my kids still want to pack in a bazillion books there AND in their desks! I'm going to try your idea! :) Loved it! :) The goldfish graphing looked like fun! :) Don't we ALL work better with food? or CHOCOLATE!!?? :)
    Thanks for sharing your randomness! :) I had a blast reading about you! :)
    Tamara Russell

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade