Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Update and a Freebie!

Good Afternoon! Hope everyone had a good Wednesday. The weekend cannot come soon enough for me...the kids haven't been listening at all this week. Sheesh! It must be because they know spring break is coming. (our last day is next Thursday) but I so wish they could be good little children until then...

So I wanted to let you know I updated my phonics card posters. The old ones were just too if you purchased through my TN shop and I then added them to my TPT shop. :) They have been a really good seller.

And finally, I have a little spring freebie for you! I made a synonyms game to use when we get back from break and wanted to share. :)

Oh, and check this cute thing out...we went shopping last weekend in Greenville and stopped into this art studio where they had a ton of metal figures. I found this little guy that is made from silverware and holds your salt and pepper shakers as well as napkins in the back. :)

Well that's all for today. Off to relax a bit before the future Mr. comes home. :)

1 comment:

  1. The little forks that look like fingers are just too cute!

    We hear ya about the kiddos. Ours are fruit loops and we are trying every trick in the book to get them to hang on! One more day and we're done!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade