Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hall Pass Linky!!

hey everyone! Happy Wednesday night! :) I'm linking up with Reagan for her cute little hall pass party.

Here's how it works....
Let's get started shall we?!
PRODUCT-hmm...there's been a lot of liked making so far, but I would say I really like my circus rhyming card game. We always take fridays off from guided reading and play a phonics game of some sort. I love cards games because they're so easy to set up (and store!) 
 AREA- My classroom is so big and we have super high ceilings, so don't get too jealous about the space lol...I actually don't like it because it works as an auditorium and it gets pretty loud even when the kids don't mean to me. But in the huge size, I love my little desk area the most. :) 
I couldn't find a pic of my desk neat (even though it is right now of course, but I get these great windows that look out onto a little courtyard so I like that feature too. :)

SIGNAL- I just introduced some whole brain teaching a couple weeks ago, and I love the hands and eyes. They repeat it back and get quiet immediately. I wish I would have done it from the start of the year!

SANITY- I absolutely love love my co-teacher. I probably would have quit already if it weren't for her. (it's been a really tough year for me so far) And I do enjoy coming home to make dinner actually! I love to sit down on Saturdays and plan the next week and thank you Foodgawker and pinterest for all the wonderful ideas ;)

So that's it for me! Go over and link up! I hope you've liked reading. :)


  1. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for linking up! Sorry this year is tough! Hopefully next year will be the opposite and yay for great teaching buds to help you blow off steam!

  2. Your teacher desk area is so cute! I have no windows in my room so I would be totally in love with a courtyard view! I teach in Winston-Salem.. Greensboro is right around the corner! I love to find teacher friends close-by!! Let's keep in touch!

    P.S. I am love your blog design.. the colors are so cheerful!!

    That's So Second Grade

  3. It's funny how we always want what we don't have. I'm reading your post thinking I would love to have a big room. My room is on the small side, and I always find myself playing tetras with desks and chairs.

    Glad to find your blog :)

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade