Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fact Families

Hey everyone! 

Yesterday we did some work with fact families. Now we've been doing these since about December or so, but sometimes the kids still get confused. I thought we would review them and make fact family houses since I always tell them the numbers live in the house and no new ones can come in. So anyway, here's them hard at work!

 This is a side note, but how many of you are running out of supplies already?! Our kids have practically no glue sticks and we don't really use them THAT much. haha. I sent home a note today for parents to buy more, but really...where is the glue going!? Ugh. Anyway...off to shower and get ready for tomorrow. Yay for specials. We only have them 2 days a week and I'll tell you, wednesdays and fridays are wonderful to get an hour and a half of planning and quiet in. ;)

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