Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Monday

Well I have to say the good thing about this evening is The Bachelor is on tonight and it's fantasy suite night! Can't wait to see what happens ;)

I hope everyone had a good monday. It went pretty quick for me, but I dread Mondays because I have to tutor after school. :/ You just want to go home on Mondays you know...I wish it was any other day (except Friday!) But anyways, I came home with a bad tension headache and had to make cucumber sandwiches for the potluck tomorrow. Now I can relax while dinner cooks in the slow cooker.

Good news is that we finally booked our DJ for the wedding!! (Doin the happy dance) One more thing to check off the list and the last major vendor booked. whew!

Finally, if you've read my other posts you know we have a limit on copies each month. (blah) so I had to figure a way to structure morning work because we've been giving the kids scrambled words to uncover and that only worked for the first few weeks, then they're constantly out of their seats and acting goofy. So I made these booklets with blank paper inside and each day I project a few math/literacy questions on the board that they have to answer. It worked really well today and saved us the copies for the month. I put enough sheets to last through the end of the year and I hope they can stick with it! I have a copy for you in case you'd like to use the cover! :)


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  1. Cute idea! I keep waiting for our copies to get cut off or limited....blah!