Friday, January 18, 2013

Things to do and a Freebie!

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Well the snow they were predicting wasn't so bad last night. I woke up this morning to a trace outside the window. Luckily I have the day off anyway since it was optional teacher work day and I took annual leave. Does your school have that? In addition to sick time, my district has annual leave which consists of 5 days that teachers can take off. The catch is they must use them on days that school is not in session, basically only work days and if we don't use them, we lose them. My poor co-teacher didn't get hired until August of last year so she did not have them built into her pay, but she plans to just use the time today to organize her stuff in the classroom. 

As for me, I have a list of things I'd like to get accomplished this long weekend...
boy do I need to organize the whole apartment basically...I hate having things all over

these look really for the link ;)

I skipped two days this past week and actually gained back two pounds..come on!

I also plan on catching up with centers and activities. :) My favorite thing! What are you planning on doing?

Finally, I made this freebie this morning for you. My co-teacher and I have decided to take turns making centers and in the next two weeks, I get to make them so I'm doing a snowman theme for one week and then valentine's stuff. I made this snowman write the room to go with the other activities. click on the pic to grab a copy and if ya do, leave a comment telling me how you like it! Thanks so much friends! Have a great Friday!!


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