Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sorting the E words

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! It's so nice to see the sun! Last week, we had 4 days straight of rain. Today I'm making a quick post to share with you a freebie I made. After we finish up benchmark testing and get back into our routine, I plan on revamping my guided reading a bit. My school does not do a phonics curriculum for first grade which is really unfortunate because our kiddos need to practice, but I plan on making my word work portion of GR lessons focused on phonics skills. I plan on doing lots of word sorts and working with vowel sounds. I started with this e short/long vowel sort. If you'd like a copy to place in centers or to do with your guided reading groups, click the pic and leave a comment if you do! Thanks! :)


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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am always interested in how other school are doing guided reading. I'm glad that you have added word work to your lesson. I think it's definitely a big part of learning to read. I usually look for a pattern that is in the book I'm using, (ate, tion, ly etc) and use white boards to teach it. The children tend to connect and remember it because it's right in the book they are reading. Thanks for sharing your vowel sort. My team mate and I are starting centers and this will be helpful!