Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Very Suprising Weekend!

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday night! Ugh, weekends just go too fast! How was yours? Mine was amazing and very surprising. On Saturday morning we went to pick out a cat from the shelter. We had our eye on this one little 2 yr old, but she got adopted, then I saw this cute little grey tabby who was only 5 mos and super spunky. She was very loving and not afraid of us at all. We knew she was the one and she'll be fixed and ready to come home on Thursday! I will have pics up then. :) After that, my fiance surprised me with an impromptu trip to Greenville, SC. We got on the highway from the shelter and didn't stop till we were at the Courtyard Marriot! I was so surprised and needed the getaway so bad, I was crying in the car! He's absolutely amazing sometimes and I cannot wait to marry him in 9 short months! Here's some pics of our trip!
my cutie patootie! <3

the view from our room!

I love fountains!

river flows right through the city! :)

we ate at the restaurant up there. It was gorgeous at night and we sat outside since it was so warm!

 PS. Stay tuned to tomorrow's post. I'm making a cute synonym activity I can't wait to share with you!


  1. Aww, your post has made me miss home! I'm from SC and lived in Greenville for a year before moving to NC. Don't you love the downtown area? So pretty! I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend!

    Miss R's Room

  2. It looks like you had a great weekend trip. I love the SC upstate. I live in the SC lowcountry and love the state! It is beautiful here! You are right about the warm weather this weekend. It was very different from what most people imagine January weather being!

    KinderKids Fun