Saturday, January 12, 2013

A little Help?

Hey Friends! Happy Saturday! I am so glad I got to sleep in today. I have a slight headache this morning because we went out last night and after a loongg week, I was ready to stay up a little too late. haha. So I have an issue with a little kiddo and I might have mentioned him before, but his behavior seems to be regressing and getting worse and sometimes, I feel like I have to devote all of my time and patience with him and neglect the other 26 kiddos. :/ So here's his behavior and the plan I have set currently....
 I split his day into 4 parts and in the morning if he completes his work and stays on task with behavior, he gets 2 stickers. Before lunch, he gets to go down to the EC room and play on the computer for 15 minutes as a reward. The same goes for the morning. Lately, he hasn't been getting both stickers and therefore, does not get the reward. 
He is constantly getting out of his seat, bothering other children (I have had to pull his desk away twice this week from the table group) He also constantly comes up to me and hugs and clings to me to where I tell him to get off multiple times before I am almost gently pushing him off of me. (let me stop and say I love hugs and gladly accept them, but he clinnggss) He also constantly shouts out on the carpet and at the desk and when I tell him no about something, he goes over to my assistant (who at times I think is too easy on him) and he'll ask her the same thing. 
Finally, in guided reading groups some days he reads very well and spells his sight words and other days I'll give him the word and and drag out the sounds with him, then he'll spell cat or some complete other different word. :( What am I supposed to do friends. He makes me want to tear my hair out. It's hard to talk to mom as well because she is Hispanic and speaks no english. Unfortunately, I am putting him on the list of recommended retainers for next year because socially and academically he is very immature. How can I help? Are there any individual student behavior things you've done with your difficult children? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I have been in your shoes. Is there someone who can translate at your school? I have a lot to tell you. Shoot me an email!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. I've had sets of prompt cards before which I carried on a neck chain. They included pics and things like no shouting out and sitting on seat. They can help with being a quick first reminder to him so if you we're on the floor and he starts to shout out just show him the card. Like that you are not entering a conversation or anything but gives him a quick reminder of what is expected of him.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I missed out on your first post so please excuse me if you've already done some of the things I've suggested. It sure sounds like your little guy has something else going on other than just being immature. Have you brought him up for student study team? Also, the idea of a behavior plan is wonderful, since the one you are using doesn't work any more, maybe it's time to try a different one. Ask your colleagues if they have suggestions. As for getting out of his seat, the picture cards often work- I have ones that have a child with hand raised, sitting nicely, working etc. I just hold it up as needed. The nice thing is that all of my kids respond to it. As a last resort.. I did have a year where we used colored tape on the floor around a little boy's desk to show boundaries for space. He needed that visual, he also had tape around his rug area. Of course, just like contracts, I had explained to him privately how it was a tool to help him be a better learner.
    Anyway, I hope some of these suggestions work. Good luck. You sound like an awesome teacher.
    PS: You need to ask your administrator for a translator- Mom might be experiencing the same things at home and might need help.