Thursday, December 20, 2012

What fun on our Last Day!

Whew! I made it through the week! Today we got out early and here I am, about to make a cup of hot chocolate and work on centers for when we come back...yes, may sound a little crazy, but I want to print them out and laminate before we leave for Ohio on Saturday and I can rest easy that all school stuff will be done! ;)

Yesterday we made our gingerbread houses and I was prepared for a class full of crazy kids and super loud noise, but they actually did very well and stayed fairly quiet through the process. :)
look at his little tongue sticking out :) very much engrossed in the work!

gotta love sprinkles!!

can I have a heart shaped candy cane window too?! :)
 And finally, this was the best gift of all from my co-teacher, I almost cried when I opened it..she had the kids each write me their "advice" for marriage while I was on my retreat 2 weeks ago then bound them together. Best keepsake ever and I think I will display it at the wedding! :D
love this one! :)

are you going to have a kid...yes or no?! lol

this one made me crack up!
 Welp, off I go! Tomorrow my fiance's sister and brother in law will be coming in from SC to make the drive up with us so I'll be doing some cleaning and tidying. Have a great Friday!

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  1. LOVE that marriage book-so sweet!! The gingerbread houses look delicious : )

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