Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hard Workin' Elves

Hey friends! We've been busy this week with Christmas Around the World and our Elf on the Shelf Toby has been popping up in unexpected places all week! Here's what he'll be doing tomorrow...

In math, we're making different crafts to go with our supply and demand unit we're studying. We grouped the kids into groups and told them from now until next tuesday they are elves at the north pole and they get to make different crafts (they all tie in with math standards) then on tuesday, we're going to "buy" them. 
making reindeer

christmas tree glyph

making cards with base ten pictures

bank that they will keep their "money" in until they spend it
 alright, that's it for now! Time to eat and then I've got motivation to get on the treadmill tonight and work out a bit. :) Have a great night and good friday tomorrow!


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