Monday, November 12, 2012

Teacher Tip: Binders!

Hey friends! I hope your all enjoying your Monday off. It's almost 5 here and I need to get my bottom up and get to the grocery store. Today my cousin and I went to the mall near Greensboro and I loved it! I've never been there before and it's huge! They had it all decorated for Christmas and it makes me so excited for the holidays! :)
I'm linking up with Miss Kindergarten in her Teaching Tip Linky party. 

I actually have 2 tips. I created objective frames seen on pinterest and took cheap frames from the dollar store, put scrapbook backing on them and now I can write my daily objectives with a dry erase marker and wipe away to write new ones. :) All the teachers commented on them on my first day :)
The other tip is probably obvious to most, but I'm a fairly new teacher and I don't have too many tips of my own yet (love others though!) Anyway, I created a math worksheet binder last year and categorized it based on topics. Then I have a subscription to and when I see a cute worksheet to use in class, I print out an extra copy to file in my binder. It's so much quicker to grab the binder and search when I need something on the fly than to search my laptop. :) 

Welp, that's all for today! Be sure to head over and link up! Have a great rest of the evening.


  1. I love putting things in binders where I can find them quickly.
    I am a new follower:)
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. Hi there!

    I definitely agree with the binder idea - I had everything in file folders, but it was too hard to sort through, so this summer I did a HUGE overhaul and switched everything into labeled, organized binders - and I'm loving it!

    Joy in the Journey

  3. I am a binder girl too! I almost border on too many! Thanks for sharing!
    Second Grade is Out of This World

  4. I love binders too. I like to keep a set organized by month also. That where all the holiday/seasonal sheets can be found as well as craft ideas and centers masters etc... :) thanks for sharing!