Friday, November 2, 2012

Starting to feel overwhelmed...

Boy! Can I just say this has been the toughest year so far I've ever had to endure. Teaching title 1 last year was drastically different from this year. I have so many responsibilities good and bad and I am starting to reach a phase of exhaustion and frustration. Any one else feeling this?
My district is amazing with wanting to challenge the children and we have high expectations, but I'm starting to notice the paperwork piling up and it's so unnecessary.  We have to document on PEP's similar to IEP's but much smaller scale, every intervention we do with the kids who are struggling. Well it's a long and drawn out process and I'm just starting to get those PEP's written up. Ugh! It gives me a headache just thinking about it. On top of that, the kids have just not been the sweeties I know they can be and my co-teacher just shared an article with me on the phases teachers go through in a school year. There's about 4-5 but I think I'm currently towards the middle on the survival mode. haha. But really, I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break where I can pop my head above the water and take a breather.'s a freebie for you. We were working on silent e today and I made this small pocket chart sorting activity. It's got a recording sheet too in case you want to use it in a center. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!


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  1. I think every teacher goes through that, new or not. At the beginning of the year I have all this adrenaline for the hard work, but sometime in the fall it all becomes too much. I know some teachers that LOVE all the fun things in October- but for me, I felt like I had 5 times as many things I wanted to fit in as I had time for. It led to me feeling constantly behind, but... oh well! You can do it :) Just remember to take time off for you, and to find ways to repeat anything you can! Routine helps. Thinking of you!

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