Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This too shall pass..

My post title has a couple meanings..Above all, I hope all the teachers in Ohio and New England states are safe and warm. I'm from cleveland and I saw most of the suburbs and cities were on a lock down with school closings. :( Hope the rain is finally starting to subside. 

Also, we have a little boy in our class that is really "grinding my gears" and making me question all of my teaching skills. He tests us everyday, does not listen to any of the teachers and even smirks at us when he is making terrible choices and he knows they are bad. So far I have tried everything I know how. Am I missing something?? If there was ever a kid, or maybe you have one like this and a strategy you've tried has worked, PLEASE let me know.

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  1. Hi Sarah! It's so hard when you have a student like that and everything you've tried isn't working. I will usually call a meeting with the parent immediately and enlist their help with developing a daily behavior plan that involves a choice menu that the child selects with daily rewards/loss of privileges. If you have their support, great! My best advice is to smother him with positive attention and build a relationship with him despite his poor behavior. He may or may not improve, but it will help you see him in a different light and perhaps he will stop seeking your negative attention with misbehavior.

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