Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Need some Phonics Help!

Hello lovely friends! Today was a cu-razy day! We are currently behind a day in math (make that two now) and the 3rd graders were putting on a play that the music teacher said we were just invited to in her email this morning. Well my co-teacher and I thought as much as we'd like to go, we were going to opt out and catch up with math. Welp, that did not happen....10 minutes into the assembly starting, we got a call on intercom saying we were supposed to be there! So we gathered the kids up and I raced them down to the gym. Luckily the 3rd graders were transitioning from a song, but I told my lovies to hurry and sit down. I was so embarrassed! But alas, another day is now over and I can relax.

I do need your help though, we do what is called Bulldog Block in the morning from 8-8:30. It's basically intervention/remediation and we have a small group of 15 students from all the first grade classes. My school does not have a phonics curriculum, so my co-teacher and I scramble each week to fill our time in the morning (and needless to say it makes me dread Bulldog Block every morning) Lately, we just find smart exchange activities to do, but is there a good phonics program you do at your school? I would be willing to purchase a teacher's version of any good phonics book to use with our lessons. Or if you have a different idea we can do, please let me know! Any advice and ideas would  be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


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  1. Maybe try Words Their Way or Phonics They Use? I like both of those a lot :)
    Teaching in the Valley