Monday, October 1, 2012

A little of this and a little of That (plus freebie!)

Hey friends! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine started off horrible, but ended pretty good. Last night we went to the fair and I got to see my first rodeo. I must say, it was exciting, but I felt bad for the animals and the one poor fella looked like he got hurt real bad, so I can say it's not my cup of tea. 

Anyway, the children were not making a lot of great choices today and I was very upset with them, but luckily the day passed quickly and now I get to enjoy my evening. 
We have a short week this week. We only have the kids till wed. then PD on thursday and Friday is technically a work day, but I got the day as an annual leave so the future hubby and I are going to Charleston, SC!! Soo freakin excited! (I booked us a cool hotel with a jacuzzi in the suite! And it's going to be a surprise for him!) We've never had a hot tub in suite before so this should be fun. 

I have an apple freebie for you! :) This week in centers, our theme is apples so I made a short a write the room. Pick yourself up a copy! :)

 That's all for today! Have a great evening!

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  1. Ooo I'm jealous of the hot tub! Sounds like it will be a fun trip!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade