Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday, gifts and Smart Beads!

Hey all! Well I am  back for Day 2 of Teacher's Week! 
 Today, the topic is technology and we just got our smart board up and running today so whew! Last year, when I taught title 1 math, we had a lot of go-to websites that we played games on. One that I'd like to share with you is ABCya.com. It's amazing for grades K-5 and has many many games that cover literacy, math and then some topics too! Check it out! We're planning on playing a few games tomorrow during our math block! ;)

So I'm giving my co-teacher that cute little survival kit from a few posts back, but we also have 2 assistants with us, so I found this cute idea of a teacher gift on pinterest where you add a pair of scissors with a tag that says A Cut Above the Rest. Well I didn't want to just give the scissors, so I picked up 2 bottles of lotion to add in! :) Hope they like them!

The other thing I wanted to share are these cute "smart beads." I'm sure you've seen them all over pinterest, and when I stopped at Walmart today, I saw the beads and thought, yes I almost forgot about that idea. So what we're going to do is review at the beginning of the morning from the previous day. We'll call on 1-2 children and if they get the questions right, they'll get to wear the necklace for the day. Also, if we're teaching and we ask a really tough question and someone gets it right, they also get to wear a necklace! :)

That's all for today, I need to have some "me" time tonight. First day is tomorrow!! Ahh, wish me luck! :)


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