Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Linky and Open House

Yay! Another linky...gotta love them. Go over to Blog Hoppin to link up.

 Ok let's see...
1) my laminator...I've gone through so many sheets already the future hubby had to order 300 more! haha
2) Coffee (iced in summer, hot in winter) Try these, they are very good!

3) I may sound like an old lady at 25 but I need these or my feet hurt from standing all day
4) Ok, this is not very "child-friendly" but I need to have a glass to guilty pleasure is this brand!

I know that stuff is not really school related, but hey it gets me through the day so in my mind, they're all survival stuff! :)
On another note, we had our open house tonight from 4-6. Whew! It started off a little slow, but parents trickled in all evening and it made the 2 hours go super fast. They kids are all great and I am so excited to see them on wednesday. I only had a handful of parents that did not have any idea of what I was saying (hispanic) but we worked it out with gestures. :) Here's a pic of the classroom all ready. Since we're doing a circus theme, we had cotton candy, juice boxes, popcorn and animal crackers for the treats for the kids! They were a hit!


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