Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calendar Question Cards

I'm being bad today and posting twice, but I haven't broken this rule in a very long time and I figured since we are all going a little nuts for back to school, you'll forgive me. :) I have something very cool for you! I created this set of calendar question cards that you can use for your morning routine. I was thinking of using them at the beginning of each new month and calling on students to pull a couple on the first few days. I hope you like them! My picture shows the cup I made and I also used a colorful paper to print on the backs of them. I plan on putting popsicle sticks on them and putting in cup. Grab them in my store now for just a dollar! A steal! :D



  1. This is such a cute idea!!! My students always struggled with this so it would definitely help asking questions like this.
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  2. That's a great idea for calendar time!! Being able to read a calendar is a skill that my first graders need a lot of practice on. :)
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