Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Hey everyone! Hope your all having a great Tuesday. Ah I can't believe tomorrow is July 4th already. It always seems to me like July passes really quickly, so I'm going to try and savor it as much as possible. 

It just rained and stormed like crazy this morning. We needed it though, I saw the whole nation is basically under a heat advisory. It makes me a little worried with this global warming stuff.  Too many events are starting to happen that seems to be a consequence of our actions. I was reading in the paper that over 350,000 miles of ice has disappeared since 2007. Yikes! All we can do is keep educating our children about global awareness. (sigh)

On another note, have you all heard about foodgawker.com?! It's like pinterest, for food! Love it. Thought I would share the link below. The internet is truly going to be the death of me with all theses goodies out there nowadays!

p.s. They have weddinggawker.com too, but I am staying away from that one or I will be changing my mind on the details of our wedding daily! haha

Finally, the last thing, I was hoping you could help me out on...I received an email from The Mailbox books about their $30 mystery bag of goodies "a $100 value." I was thinking of purchasing the one for first grade and they say on their website you get "at least 6-7 quality books" but I'm a little apprehensive about the purchase. Has anyone ordered these mystery bags before and are they really worth it? let me know! Thanks and have a great day!


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