Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

I haven't had a fun, interesting post in a while and this linky party sounds like fun so I'm joining in...Hadar from Miss Kindergarten along with April and Teri are having a summer bucket list party. Here is (some of ) what's on my list...

1) Get a classroom job!! (I have interviews lined up for a second grade job and K or 1st job) Right now I'm deciding which grade I would want if I had to choose ;)

2) Save money for wedding

3) interview sweet photographer for wedding

4) learn how to make this...

5) maybe make one of these?.....

6) and make one of these...(once I secure that job of course!)

Of course there's so much more too! But just gotta wait and hopefully hear good news from a principal. Then I can have so much fun this summer buying and creating stuff for the classroom! :) 

Have a GREAT memorial day friends!

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  1. Hey Kelley!

    Our wedding is next October. (10-12-13) So kinda far away but everyone tells me it goes fast and I am super organized! and pinterest has been such a blessing! lol. Thanks for stopping by and i'll be joining your linky party!:)