Saturday, May 12, 2012

Calling all teachers in Ohio!

Hey friends....I'm sitting here after cleaning my messy apartment and checking through the blogs. Thanks to all the caring people who left a comment on my post last night. I'm feeling better and hopeful. I sat on the couch for a while yesterday with a glass (or two) of wine and filled out a ton of apps. Thank the Lord, there's actually quite a few. :) I'm feeling good about this, and leaving title and the charter school might open up an even better opportunity so that's where I'm at today.

The reason for my post today is I thought since the school year is winding down and we are all stressed and thankful for it to be over, I was thinking/hoping the teachers in the cleveland/or ohio area if you'd be willing to drive, should have a teacher blogger meet up! I'm just seeing who might be able to participate and then we can work out the details maybe shooting for sometime after school lets out in June. We'll all needs some drinks after! :) Just let me know and leave some comments. Thanks so much!


  1. Sure!  I think it would be fun to meet up!  As for positions in my building, we did have a 2nd grade position and K position, but both were filled internally.  It wouldn't hurt to fill out one of our applications though.  I don't know much about it, but did you look into that ECOT Ohio?  I only know about it because I read an article in a local paper about a teacher who left the classroom to teach online from home.
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  2. Of fun!!!! I would be interested!!  I am not in Cleveland so it may be a bit of a treck but I'd love to see if I can make it work!  Keep me posted!