Friday, March 23, 2012

Mountain Math video

Hi and Happy Friday!

I am excited because today was the last day of school before break. We are off all next week! Today we had kindergarten screening so it was a day off of teaching, but still busy with the new little ones coming in.

I am very tired and waiting for the guy to come home so this post will be short and quick, but wanted to share a cool video from my favorite person on youtube. Teacher tipster! He shares a math bulletin board to use in the classroom that covers 80% of the math curriculum every week! It's a program you can purchase, and it's less than $100 so I feel very affortable for what the kids get out of it! :) I've included his link to share!

I also wanted to say I am happy I just got a part time job at TJMaxx. It's for min wage, but will really help in the summer and for the wedding, because I was starting to stress about money, so at least now I'll have a little extra something. Also some districts in my area are starting to put out their hiring links so hopefully something comes of that as well! Fingers crossed! Ok, have a good weekend! Off to relax! :D

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  1. I used to use Mountain Math at my former school! I really liked it. It's pricey, but it does cover a lot. We put a worksheet inside a page protector and used dry erase markers most weeks, but then occasionally we would give them a paper copy to assess.

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