Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Evaluation and youtube

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a restful weekend. I only have 4 days of school this week because we have conferences on Friday and will be an inservice. I planned my lessons more thoroughly this weekend, so I feel like it's going fast already! I'm nervous because my principal has scheduled evaluations with all the teachers to talk about their work so far. Mine is Feb. 24th so still a little ways away but I'm anxious to talk about my progress. Since there will be cuts in positions, this is going to be a big eval on my part!

Also, I wanted to share with you a really cool guy who posts videos on Youtube. It's teachertipster.com and he is amazing. I believe he is a first grade teacher and he has ideas for everything from games to class management. I really like his tip for self control and using bubbles. If you have time, check him out and I will post that bubble video on here! Have a good Tuesday! :)

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