Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Currently's been a while since I've done one of these, but now I have the time :) I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th grade for her monthly currently...and it's July already!? Yikes!

listening.....we just got a dog and she is loving her bone! I'm just glad that I can get things done around here while she is content with her "chew toy." :) you see from my post below, I got a new job and will be back up in first grade next year. I am very excited, but a little sad to say good bye to kinder.

thinking....I will be heading up to my school to start boxing up my belongings today and turning stuff in. I had a great year and it is a wonderful school, but I am glad to begin this new journey with a school in my neighborhood. we've been in our new house for about a month and have a ginormous deck, but haven't had the money to get a gazebo or patio furniture yet (sigh) I love sitting outside, but for's just beach chairs to enjoy the deck.
we'd love to get something like this!

needing....our house is just about ready for company this weekend, I just need to run some laundry, clean the spare bedrooms and make sure we have blankets for the guests. :)

plans....all of my husbands siblings and parents will be joining us this weekend and celebrating the new house. They are spread out all over (OH, SC, TN, NC) and we are just about the middle for everyone. I'm very excited to show everything off, and now that we have a big backyard, I'll be excited for some smores and bonfires. :)
can't wait to see all these guys! :)


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