Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A little of this, A little of that (plus a freebie!)

Hey Friends! How was your holiday weekend? Mine was cuh-razy! (but fun!) We had 6 people at our house both days...my mother/father in-law, brother in law and his wife and sister in law and her husband. PLUS they had all their dogs, so with our Lola, we had 6 dogs running around as well! (my poor cat was in our bedroom all weekend scared to death!)

But, now that the fun is all over, I have my sights set on seeing my family this coming weekend! I'll be driving up to Cleveland to see everyone and will be there for a week. I couldn't be happier..I love them all to death and really only get to see everyone a few times a year. (and I am excited about my momma's cookin'! I made a list of my faves for her to make!)
So speaking of cooking, I made these pup treats for my little girl in honor of the holiday and boy does she love them! (she always take them and eats them in her crate..which is good for us because she doesn't slobber up the couch!)

Here is a pic of our sweet Lola...gotta love that face :)

The last thing I wanted to share for today is that I have completely moved out of my old classroom and turned in the keys today....excited for this new adventure with the district, but in addition to all that, I have been organizing and creating new things.. (do you ever get like that when you change rooms or schools?) One thing I want to re-do is the labels for my storage cart. I have one that looks like this that I got from Walmart 2 years ago...LOVE it!
And here are the new labels I am putting on it....

Feel free to grab them by clicking on the picture. Have a great rest of your day!


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