Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day Sickness

Hello Friends! If you're like me, your bracing yourself for the big southern storm we're supposed to get. It's noon and the snow has not started falling yet, but all schools have basically closed for the day and we're expecting about 6-8" here in Greensboro once it is all said and done. I'm from the north, so this is nothing, but I'm just wondering exactly when it's supposed to come today, we could have had a half day...(and I was all ready for our 100th day today) oh well.

So at the end of the month, I have PD in Charlotte and each kindergarten teacher is supposed to present a make a take for the other teachers. My school chose CVC words. I made this write the room packet to present. It's up and free in my TPT store..just click on the pic. :) Hope you like it.

I'm off to watch some more TV and find something to eat. I've been slowly getting sick and yesterday my voice was going quickly. (it didn't help that the kids weren't being very good listeners) So I'm glad to give it a rest today. It's lots of tea and honey for this girl. Ok, enjoy the rest of your day!

Oh and PS. In case you have read my previous posts, the bank countered our bid on the house, so we re-countered and I'm hoping to hear something today! Please pray for us...this house is just perfect for where we are at in life right now. :) Thanks!

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