Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quick Post

Hey friends! How did you week go? Mine was fast and busy again! I guess that's good, but it just means we are one week closer to the wedding (2 weeks officially today) and I am starting to get a tad overwhelmed and panicky! I have to start my sub plans!!...
Anyway, I have a quick freebie for you. One of my literacy stations is always a game, and for next week, I made this board to print and play. Very simple, you need a counter for each player and a die. roll the die and move that many spaces. That player has to say the letter and sounds in order to stay on that space, if read incorrectly, the player must move back to original space. I think the kids will like it and I hope you do too! 
Ok now on to apartment cleaning and laundry..yay! haha


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  1. Thanks! And congrats on the wedding! I just got married in October! Good times!