Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Owl Table Signs

Hey friends! How's your week going? Mine has been ok...I had good news today. I found out our schedule has been fixed. We will have lunch before recess and ELA first thing in the morning instead of math. Also, until January, Kindergarten will have early release and be out at 2. It will be optional, so the kids that stay behind until 3:30 will get to play games, maybe do some play dough or board games. It'll be interesting to see how many kiddos I have get picked up. We might be able to combine classes.

Anyway, my one team mate is doing owls for her classroom and I have been busy creating things for her. I made this owl table signs for her to hang from the ceiling and I thought they came out pretty cute, so I wanted to share. Click on the pic for a free copy if you are doing owls too! Ok..have a great night!


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