Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday (linky party)

First, I want to start off by saying I hope everyone had a great fourth! Mine was pretty laid back..I started to re-read Fifty Shades and am completely engrossed again! ;)

Also, can I just say there are so many awesome linky parties going on this summer! I am so excited to share because now that we're out of school, it's hard to post sometimes. And speaking of which, I am linking up with the fabulous Cara Carroll for a new linky party!
 Here's the rules...
The pins don't have to be just education related, make sure you link to the original post, not pinterest. 

Ok I'm all set!

As you are all well aware by now I'm sure..I'm getting married in October! (3 months away whoo hoo!) and I thought this was the neatest thing ever! I will have to tell my guests about it, but basically, they download this app on their phone and can take pics all night and then we automatically get them! too cool!
Guests download the photo app and you get all the pictures they take at your wedding.

I came across this link to great teacher fonts! Had to download them :)

I'm going to Kindergarten next year and I love this idea of having a "question of the day" set up somewhere and have it built into our morning routine.

I love shopping! What girl doesn't!? And I LOVE this outfit! (minus the high heels! lol) I can't walk around in those all day. (too bad the shirt is over 300 and the pants are 570! Yeesh!)

I just made this key lime pie the other day for the holiday and I have to is very good! So try it..and it's easy! ;)

We are putting a cake pop make on our wedding registry and I am so excited to hopefully get it! Here's a recipe I want to try out! 

I was looking for a good behavior management system and stumbled across this one from Kindergarten Smiles..I love everything about it and will be using it next year!

I'm in the process of organizing my stuff (I've only been teaching for 2 years now and I've already accrued so much!) I love this idea of monthly bins.

Ok, I have to stop! I can share all I'm off to check out what the dollar store has to offer and then I'll be seeing what you all have shared tonight! :)


  1. LOVE the outfit super cute! I actually re did my bins last year, if you need some ideas or free labels, check out my post about it!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this cool stuff! And how cool is that wedding app??!!!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

  3. Found your blog through the linky! Always great to find new friends!

    From Blood to Books!