Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New position...New Freebie!

Hey sweet friends! How was your Tuesday? Mine was ehh..not so good. The kids were not little angels to say the least. And I feel so bad because my school decided to do the EOG's this last week of school and k-2 has to be super quiet for most of the day. :( I want to do all this fun stuff I have seen you all do, but it's mainly movies, reading and a quiet game or 2 thrown in. We couldn't even go outside today because we had to be "quiet." I totally understand the upper grades need concentration, but why do it the last week of school..I just don't know. :/
On a better note, I found out my placement next year for the new school I will be going to...drum roll please...
 It is KINDERGARTEN!!! Yay! I am soooooo excited! It was the grade I was hoping for! :)

I am so ready to get my little schnooks and make their first year of school a truly amazing one! But before that, I am going to really give it my all these last 2.5 days with my firsties. I sure hope they can do better tomorrow because I am sick of them making me so sad. 

And finally, here is giveaway day 3!

Just a simple skip counting I have Who has game! It includes 26 cards :) Ok guys, off to get some dinner started! Have a good evening!


  1. We did most of our EOGs last week. This week we still had one and EOCs are invading our building. It is really hard keeping them quiet. I hope everything goes well for the last couple of days and your transition!

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

  2. Congratulations on getting kindergarten! I can't imagine!! :) ... What in the world were they thinking? Is it just your school or all of Aboro City? We took them two weeks ago. The kids were done (mentally). I can't imagine waiting until this week! Eww!

    Congrats, again!

    Miss R's Room

  3. Congrats! You will be awesome! Hang in there, your almost there!