Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finds, Freebie and Fun..Oh My

Hey sweet friends! This will be a longish post so bare with me! I've got some good stuff! ;) First up, tomorrow is the last day of school!! (doin the happy dance) and it's also a half day (continuing the happy dance!) So here is my final end of school freebie!

Then, after school today I stopped at Hobby Lobby because I wanted to get the teachers a gift. (I got my co-teacher a fiskars paper cuts down center cutting by half!) And found these towels and matching tumblers to give to our assistants.

Then I found some adorable candy themed party stuff...just couldn't pass them up! (Next year, my room will have a candy theme!)
there's 2 trays...I'm thinking of doing one for homework and one for papers home :)
Tomorrow we're having a staff potluck and I have to make something real quick tonight and dinner, plus this girl is getting sick! :( I cannot believe it, but my throat is killing me..very scratchy and sore when I swallow. Another teacher said it might be because our school is so chilly and then you walk outside to hotness and humidity. Either way, all I want to do is go to bed with tea, but it's going to be a busy night. Off I go! I'll be back tomorrow to share some pics of the last day with ya!

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