Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Are We Done Yet?

Hey friends...I have a pounding headache as a write this. I am feeling just so dejected. The kids are terrible. I have been trying to be positive these last few weeks, but let's face it, they are monsters. :( I have pulled out all the stops and tried everything in the book. I'm pretty much done at this point. 11 more days to go.

On top of their crazy out of control behavior, we are trying to get in rounds of reading and math testing. Ugh, just not good. They're tired, we're tired and it makes for a very cranky classroom. I'm excited that the end is near and I will be giving my resignation letter to my principal on friday. Nervous about what she'll say, but I'm hoping she is understanding. I have learned a lot from this year and I hope I can make next year run much more smoothly and enjoyable. Well, that's all friends. Thanks for listening. :)

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